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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why Did I Start This Blog?

     My husband made me. No. No. NO.  Just kidding. He did ask "why did you start a blog?" Well, ahhh, because I wanted to. Because I may learn to focus on my writing in a consistent, professional manner. (Not easy for a Scanner*.) Because I could. The universe told me to.
    All very good reasons, yes? Here's some more:

    1. Challenge myself to desert my comfortable couch for the uncomfortable office chair and computer in order to write about whatever pops into my consciousness and share it with the world.
    2. Face fears. There are so many. For example, the fear of writing well with intelligence and compassion. The fear of putting myself "out there." The fear of having nothing to say of value to others or even myself. The fear of embarrassing myself. (Not an exhaustive list.)
    3. Change from scatterbrained-ideas-girl to focused fiend.
    4.  Help folks in any way I can.
    5.  Connect with earthlings in fun and creative ways. Imagine. Expressing myself may be a good thing.
    6.  "Real job" avoidance, i.e. finally admit that I am an entrepreneurial spirit, hatched from a long line of entrepreneurial spirits. Consequently, I have an obligation to that legacy. I must nurture this personality disorder and take a-c-t-i-o-n.
    7.  Skyrocket my self-confidence.
    8.  Maybe I'll find a use for Roget's Thesaurus, sitting patiently upon the shelf.
You get the idea. Maybe I should come up with an overarching goal, purpose. How about this:
    The purpose of this experimental blog is to entertain myself and as many others as I can.
    Consistently stretch myself to learn and grow on a daily basis, not just once in a while, or when I "feel like it." (I never feel like it.) (Just like,"the hardest part of working out is getting to the gym.")
    Share my take on all the self-help and personal development books and courses I have digested over the years, and apply them in a different way.
    Give "advice unsolicited."

   * More on the Scanner personality and character later.

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