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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Down the Internet Rabbit Hole I Went, and I struck Einkorn!

Doesn't Internet research drive you crazy? Your little mind is chock full of questions, and you want answers to those questions, and so you think "oh, I'll just look that up on the Internet, real quick, and I'll have my answers!" And down the Internet rabbit hole you go; never to be seen or heard from again, because you have entered the twilight zone of information inundation. The Internet pixies have taken you hostage and aim to gobble up your sanity.

Pick a question, any question, and query the World Wide Web, panacea of information good and evil. It'll just take a minute (of the infinite variety.) For example, for Thanksgiving, I wanted to make stuffing that is tasty and sort of good for you. So I trotted off the the health food store, spent about twenty bucks, and baked up a new gluten-free, sourdough buckwheat bread recipe (instead of following the one on this blog that actually worked.) However, I wanted it to be 100% organic, and the gluten free bread mixes are not organic. I made my own  gluten free flour blend with organic ingredients. It was a complete disaster: rock hard crust and spongy crumb (but the taste was okay.) That does it! I'm going back to wheat! Maybe sprouted ancient grains would be healthier. I saw sprouted spelt flour at Wards Supermarket, and I'm gettin' it!

But first, a little research on the Internet to satisfy my curiosity: "I wonder how many chromosomes spelt grain has compared to regular wheat? (Six sets of chromosomes.) ( Is spelt hybridized? (It is.) How does it compare to the first wheat berry, Einkorn? (Einkorn has two sets of chromosomes.) Is wheat really the enemy? (Einkorn wheat even got a somewhat favorable review from the Wheat Belly dude, Dr. William Davis, when he ate it once. He even thanked Elisheva Rogosa of Heritage Wheat Foundation for providing him with the Einkorn wheat product he tried.) Maybe I should try it too. I must find out more, more and more information on this important subject and all those ancillary subjects that pop up with it!

Over two hours of blogs, books, Wikipedia and the Westin A. Price Foundation and I got a few answers: for example, gluten intolerance is not just about the chromosome count in wheat, it's about the different types of proteins...oh boy. Of course such detailed research led to an explosion of new questions like "maybe the nightshades are causing my osteoarthritis and pain?"  I'm doomed.

Finally, I came to my senses just long enough to escape the Internet rabbit hole. I made the monumental decision to buy Einkorn flour. (Oh-oh, does this mean another foodie experiment?) Yes! I plan to make a levain and turn that into a bread using only Einkorn flour, water, sea salt and a few pinches of yeast.

After almost three years completely gluten-free, eating wheat again may prove a delicate dietary venture. But I must personally evaluate all that Internet research and thus will consume the info before it consumes me.

So off to the test kitchen I go--my truly favorite rabbit hole.

Happy Thanksgiving!