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Friday, December 27, 2013

My BioCored Work with Nathalie Fossé and Fossé Restorative Therapy

Just finished my 5th BioCored session with Nathalie at her studio, Fossé Restorative Therapy, and I feel so much better than when I started! I don't know how she does it. She has some sort of energy force that she transmits to her clients. Nathalie was my last appointment of the day, after a grueling physical therapy session with my foot-guy, Scott, who upped my exercise reps (at least he massaged my calves/Achilles tendons and fixed the strained Achilles tendon issue.)

Again, not in the mood for more exercise work, but Nathalie gently coached me through some easy and some not so easy movements, assessing my progress along the way: "Relax your neck, relax your jaw, lift your abs. You are so determined--relax your brain and close your eyes..." and so it went.

With Nathalie's direction, at some point I felt I became one with the bungees--they became an extension of my arms, instead of a discomfort. I stopped fighting them, and released my control.

Nathalie and I agree that it's up to the patient to do the work with the expert guidance of a professional who gives a damn. She's a teacher in the end. However, she is also a gifted, empathetic healer, vigilant and knowledgeable and always learning herself, she admits. She sees what the patient cannot. Although we all know our own bodies better than anyone, should we pay attention to its messages, Nathalie studies her patients and observes how their bodies have decided to "settle" in order to compensate for years of abuse.

A patient's current posture and way of moving has become the new "normal," which is not normal at all. Nathalie seeks to correct that.

Nathalie's work is very personal and attuned to each individual. Unlike the traditional physical therapy setting, where the physical therapist works with several patients simultaneously, Nathalie devotes the entire time to her patients' needs. She watches you like a hawk. She directs seemingly small adjustments in your body alignment, that really make a world of difference in how you perform the exercise and thus, the progress you make.

In that respect, her work is superior, and why she gets noticeable results. For example, although I felt the burn the next day, the day after that, my posture improved and even though the knots in my back remained, they "softened" and I felt relief! Ahhhhh.....

I'm grateful Nathalie toils away in her studio, teaching clients and patients how to restore their bodies back to a healthy and balanced state. She's taught me in a few short sessions better body awareness, how to correct my posture and the significant role it plays in restorative work and how BioCored exercises complement and encourage those efforts.

In case you missed the video in the last post featuring Nathalie's BioCored work with me:

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