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Cofrin Park
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Thursday, July 25, 2013


The RAGBRAI tour began Sunday, July 21st and ends on Saturday, July 27th. Tradition dictates that riders dip their back bike tire in the Missouri River to start the tour, and their front tire in the Mississippi River to end the tour. No word yet on whether Chuck dipped his back tire, however, Chuck has so far completed over 300 miles on his brand-new tandem bike. The bike has already undergone some tweaking-type repairs, but nothing serious.

Chuck training in Spin Class

Chuck's training at the gym with Spin Classes several times a week, and weight training twice a week has paid off! Here's the proof: Chuck earned his "Century Ride" patch Tuesday, by riding over 100 miles in one day! Bring on the butt-butter! Yes, there really is such a thing called "Butt Butter!" Chuck showed me his stash before he left for Iowa, and it did not look all that tasty. Chuck called me last night and assured me that he had some "Butt Butter" stories to tell upon his return. I can't wait!

Chuck's friend, Pam, who drove them both to Iowa transporting Chucks new bike, is also riding as part of the support team for the disabled riders. Chuck tells me her knees are feeling the pain of such a grueling ride. Wishing her and her knees strength and endurance so she can enjoy the ride.

Chuck has posted several photos on Facebook. He looks intact. Facebook pics

When we talked on the phone I felt Chuck's child-like, passionate enthusiasm for his adventure. He's having a blast, and I'm jealous! I am also very proud of Chuck and what he's accomplished. Well done, Chuck!

See you at the finish...

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