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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Having a difficult time printing out a particular blog post or webpage because the print feature on your computer prints EVERYTHING, including all ads and pictures, wasting precious paper and ink? Not to mention that you want a clean, ad-free copy printed out, sans the website's graphics? I found another solution that offers more options than the method of highlighting text and right clicking the mouse, a problematic method should you wish to eliminate photos surrounded by text, for example.

Print Friendly and PDF

Yesterday, before I learned the "highlighting method," I wanted to print out one of the recipes on my blog, and found I could not simply print the recipe without all the graphics and ads.I researched the World Wide Web. Goggle led me to "Print-Friendly," a website that helps you to print out what you want for free! Print-Friendly has several options, including adding their print button to your website, blog, or to the bookmarks bar on your computer. I used the feature wherein you copy the URL of the page you wish to print, and paste it on their website, as instructed. It worked, and I got an ad-free, graphics-free printout of my recipe! I have also added the "Print" button to this page, by copying the code from their website and inserting it above. It functions as well.

In order to print a single blog post (like a recipe) you must isolate the post by clicking on the title. Otherwise, the entire blog shows in the print-pop-up window. For example, if you are reading this post by browsing through this blog, one post after another, and you click on the above "Print Friendly" icon, you will get my entire blog showing up in the print-preview. However, should you read this post by clicking on its title, and then click on the above icon, you will only get this post showing in the print-preview window.

Here is a link to the website that allows you to copy the URL address and paste that address into a bar that says ""enter a url": A pop-up window appears with the website printer-preview. It allows you to remove images. It allows you to delete lines that you do not need printed, line by line. You can change the type size. There is a PDF option too. Such options do not work with the highlighting method.

NOTE: My initial test for printing out webpages that did NOT work are Facebook and Yahoo Mail. In order to print off those website pages, use the highlighting method: highlight the text (left click, hold and drag the mouse) and then right click and select the print option from the pop-up window. Make sure to keep the curser positioned within the highlighted text that you want to print.

Happy printing!

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