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Friday, February 22, 2013


My mother's boneless pork roast smelled fantastic, however, the meat was dry and grey. Not a fan. There must be a better way to make a juicy, tender pork roast...

Last week, my sister raved about her bone-in pork roast she made in a slow-cooker. She turned it into "pulled pork."  I did not want to wait that long, so thought I'd try the cast iron dutch oven and cook the roast in a manner similar to Osso Buco (veal shanks.) 
Turned out great--tasty, firm yet tender texture and Paeleo-friendly, in case you're of that persuasion. The rib-end portion of the pork has less fat, so this slow cooking method tenderizes it beautifully, without drying out the meat! Success!

BONE-IN RIB END PORK ROAST RECIPE              Print Friendly and PDF


1.65 pound Rib End Pork Roast
Olive oil
½ bottle dry red wine
1 ounce Whiskey (optional)
2 celery ribs
3 carrots
1 large onion
½ bulb chopped garlic
1 small slice of fresh ginger (optional)

Dry Rub:
¼ t Cumin
¼ t Black Pepper
¼ t White pepper
Few shakes of Salt
¼ t Sage
Few sprinkles of Fennel seeds
¼ t Ground Coriander

Dry rub the entire roast

On medium-high heat, brown the roast in olive oil in a Dutch oven pot.
Brown roast on all sides. (This only takes a few minutes.)
Remove roast from pot and set aside.
Sauté veggies in some olive oil in same pot. Need not cook through, just want a bit of a start.
Deglaze pot with whiskey or red wine.
Add ½ bottle dry red wine to pot. (May need more to cover meat.)

Put roast back in pot and cover with veggies. 
Make sure the meat is half covered in the liquid. 
Lightly cover pot with foil. Allow for steam to escape!
Place in 300 degree Fahrenheit oven for 3 hours.
Check the roast half way through the cooking process. Reduce heat to 275 degrees F, if the liquid is rapidly boiling. 
[Optional: Turn the roast over in the pot.]
Remove meat from pot and place on plate, covered with foil.
Let the meat rest for 10 to 15 minutes before serving.

I served with steamed brussel sprouts and roasted sweet potato.

Watch me cooking the pork roast with one hand on the Flip Video camera:

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