Cofrin Park

Cofrin Park
Cofrin Nature Park

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Alligator Feeds on Fish at a Florida Nature Park

I took a walk at Payne's Prairie to get close and personal with alligators. I was not disappointed! The alligators were sun bathing in large groups. Park-goers are warned to stay 20 feet away from the gators. No barriers exist, so they could have you for lunch, if they wanted. And 20 feet? The gators looked about 20 feet long. Dozens of them lounged along the river-beds. It's quite a heart-thumping site.

I happened to capture the smallest alligator, on my Flip Camera, as he stalked his lunch. I lucked out, and filmed the gator gulping down some kind of 3 foot long fish or maybe an eel. Yummy.