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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Book Launch and Free Promotion: I'm All Inside Out, Poetic Memoirs

Imagine a poetry book that can help you lose weight, gain muscle and ensure your success in finance and relationships! Yes! This may be the one!
(Results not typical. Results vary and may depend upon timing, luck, phases of the moon, mood, diet, beliefs, goals, values, marital status, sex, race, religion, political affiliations, age, hair length, eye color, body piercings, grooming habits, etc., etc., etc.)

I’m All Inside Out: Poetic Memoirs, by Ann Marie Struck, is out in both paperback and as a Kindle eBook. It’s available for sale at, and it’s affiliate publisher, CreatSpace. 


For a limited time, the Kindle version will be free for anyone to download on most any device, including your computer, IPad and some mobile devices.

FREE PROMOTION DATES:  July 27, 2012 to July 28, 2012 (2 days) and August 26, 2012 to August 28, 2012 (3 days.)  

Kindle sets the times from 12:00AM Pacific Standard Time on the date specified to 11:59 PM, PST, on the date specified. (Kindle caveat: depending on system latencies, it may take a few minutes to several hours for the free promotion to start and several minutes to several hours for the free promotion to end!)

I'm All Inside Out: Poetic Memoirs is an anthology of poems about the areas of life that most affect us:  relationships, environment, sexuality, spirituality.  Written with the intention of creating images that evoke an emotional connection, this is an easy book of poetry, as opposed to a literary masterpiece. Have fun with it!

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