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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two Poetry excerpts from: I'm All Inside Out, Poetic Memoirs

My world famous poetry book, I'm All Inside Out, Poetic Memoirs, includes these two poems. The first reflects a childhood travel experience. the second, War You Know, is a remembrance of war stories told to me by a U.S. paratrooper regarding his Korean tour of duty.


I am retching repeatedly
an extended car-sick trip
from Madison to Miami

squiggles on a map
and odometer numbers—
my job to keep track

frequent stops
along strange and barren highways
to puke in gravel and grasses

sitting in the front seat
facing straight ahead as ordered

of no effect

the smell of the car’s interior
enough to renew the urge

so I stroll along the highway
the family car at heel
it creaks along
following me and my dog

seated by the airplane window
attempting sleep
“Look out the window at the fantastic view!”

as we fly over Cuba
(with special permission
on Lufsa Airlines)
an airsick bag refills

landing in the Caribbean
what a relief

thirsty, so thirsty, I run the tap
at the coastal cottage sink
“Oh, that’s rain water from the roof storage
container. It won’t ever get cold like back home!”

my father accompanies me
to a banished trailer
exhausted, I sleep

next morning
we free our lungs and tip-toe
around puddles on a dirt road

cloudbursts chase us under a tree
with enormous, frog-colored leaves

minutes later
the sun dazzles us
with unfamiliar steamy scents
of floral vegetation
volcanic soils
and living sea

a mystic island kiss of rainbows
double and triple rainbows

and best of all
my father’s smile


he was in the war, y’know
your defense

you who stayed home
smugly criticizing, complaining and whining

about your boring job and lofty politics

he was hit in the war, y'know
twice in his left chest

small metal rockets 
tore through his flack-jacket
and invaded his flesh

he had just stuck his head out of the tank
to look for his men

a Master Sergeant, soldiering on
he jumped out after them

tossing blown-up bodies onto his tank
choosing which ones
would have the chance to live on

leaving others too weak
or already dead

precious seconds
no long “good-bye, friend”

he was a war hero, y'know
his name and picture in the paper back home

while he lay in a foreign hospital
injected with morphine and cocaine
to ease the pain and suffering

which did not go away
when his rotation landed him back home

so you're surprised?
 that he searches to score?
to shake off the terrified screams
the burnt flesh and the zombies of his tour

just because the war's over for you
it's not for him

it's not for those men who still hear rifle fire
and whose adrenals are automatically wired

to hit the dirt!
every time you celebrate July 4

they were in the war y'know?
but it wasn't called a war, you say

what do you know about it anyway?
Fuck You!
that, however, they would never say

(In memory of George Incorvino who was a Tank Commander and Paratrooper in the Korean Conflict.)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Book Launch and Free Promotion: I'm All Inside Out, Poetic Memoirs

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I'm All Inside Out: Poetic Memoirs is an anthology of poems about the areas of life that most affect us:  relationships, environment, sexuality, spirituality.  Written with the intention of creating images that evoke an emotional connection, this is an easy book of poetry, as opposed to a literary masterpiece. Have fun with it!

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