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Cofrin Park
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Resolution: Travel to St. Augustine Beach, Florida

New Year's 2012 Travel to the beach at St. Augustine, Florida, while the rest of the country is freezing, is fun. Fun and relaxing and beautiful. Nothing like getting back to nature and the ocean to start the year off right. We spent the day hiking the beach and hanging out at the pier (for a buck.)

New Year's Resolution to have more fun and visit the Atlantic Oceanside complete. Just wanted to observe and meet people. The boy below had a successful day of fishing and cleaned his bluefish dockside:

The young fisherman's work attracted local visitors who vied for position:
Percy the Pelican won the front row seat, where he waited like a dog for a bone:
His patience paid off in morsels of fish heads:
Belly full of fish, Percy takes off for a light after dinner flight:
The surfers catching small waves, oblivious to the afternoon sushi dinner:
All is well with the world today. And with every day to come, we celebrate its beauty, courage and connection to all Life. Happy New Year!

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