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Monday, November 28, 2011

"Refuse to Choose" Book Review, or How to Find your Callings, Design your Lifestyles and Build Careers

Barbara Sher's book Refuse to Choose jumped out at me from the library shelf one day, my mind quickly analyzing the title: "Refuse? To choose? Huh? I know I don't like to choose. I'm interested in pretty much everything! Is it o.k. to refuse to choose? What an interesting title. Bold." I'm a sucker for the subtitle too: You mean I get to use all my interests, passions, and hobbies to create a life and career of my dreams? What the hell are my interests and passions, anyway? I've had so many I forget them now. Ditto with the dreams. I sat down in the library chair and began reading.

Finally, someone who understands me! I knew I wasn't crazy, hazy or lazy! Eureka! I have a name, and that name is Scanner. Scanner is the name Barbara Sher tags those of us who find that doing the same thing or job for life, intolerably cruel and unusual punishment. Sher gives those of us who intuitively scan our horizon for the next new and exciting thing that piques our interest and sparks us into action, a reason to celebrate. No longer need we beat ourselves up for not picking one thing, job or idea and sticking with it to “completion.”

The Meaning of Life

Question of the day (and since the beginning of humanity): What is the meaning of life? Some suggest that the question is absurd and should not be posed, because no provable answer exists. But let’s try, anyway, since humans love a challenge, and it’s just so obvious for us to want to know why we exist at all.

Teenage angst begins the quest with laments like “What’s the point of it all? We’re gonna die anyway. My life has no meaning. I don’t care. Nothing matters. Who cares? Shit Happens.” (I wore my Shit Happens! t-shirt in my youth as a badge of teenage angst.) The search for the meaning of life stings us most in times of severe stress, especially during periods involving grave illness, relationship meltdowns, and death.

So, what is the meaning of life?