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Cofrin Park
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Soccer Coach Interview With Coach Cip

Coach Sheldon Cipriani, "Coach Cip," Director of Coaching for Gaineville Soccer Alliance talks about his passion, the game of soccer. Coach Cip characterizes the game as a metaphor for life. Both the game of soccer and the game of life require the player to take responsibility and accountability for their behavior and actions in order to become a success. Coach Cip also shares his views on how kids and parents may benefit best from joining a soccer program, while stressing the importance of having fun!

For those serious players and coaches, Coach Cip has developed a program that he sells on his website,  The website is packed with tips and strategies for becoming a better player and coach.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Can Make You Confident, by Paul McKenna--Book Review

I Can Make You Confident, The Power to go for Anything You Want! By Paul McKenna.

                                                          Book Review by Ann Marie

I just listened to the hypnosis CD included in Paul McKenna's book I Can Make You Confident, and I feel confidence seeping into my mind, through my ears. I have never been hypnotized, and I don't think I can be, however, the CD does help relax me and I have noticed subtle changes in confidence levels. McKenna's soothing, commanding and sexy voice complements the book very well.

I Can Make You Confident is one of a series of McKenna's self-help books using hypnosis and visualization in order to change or modify one's habits and behaviors for the better.Paul McKenna's other books include: I Can Make You Sleep, I Can Make You Thin, I Can Make You Rich, Quit Smoking Today, Change Your Life in Seven Days, I Can Mend Your Broken Heart. I've read several and listened to a couple of the hypnosis CD's.

The Dr. Oz Show introduced me to Paul McKenna. I'm always fascinated by hypnosis so I watched as McKenna hypnotized several audience members. Naturally, I needed to know if his book would work for me. Could I be hypnotized? Will it make me feel better, as hypnosis subjects report?

I got the book to test it out.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Whole Chicken and Chicken Stock Recipe

Two recipes in one! Cook both whole chickens and make stock too. Simmering the chickens with the stock ingredients adds a subtle flavor to the chicken, making it versatile for many other recipes utilizing chicken. It's excellent cold, too.

2 (3 or 3&1/2 pound whole chickens)
2 Large onions, peeled, quartered
4 carrots, cut in pieces
4 celery stalks, cut in pieces
1 bulb garlic, cut top and bottom off, no need to peel
1 nub (about an inch) of fresh ginger root, no need to peel
bunch of parsley
1 teaspoon dried fennel seeds
16 whole black peppercorns
About 8-12 quarts water

Friday, September 9, 2011

It's Never To Late To Have A Happy Childhood

Remember when you played in the sand all day? No matter that the temperature read 60 degrees; far too cold for others.

Remember role playing your favorite fictional character? Becoming something else?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Tavern

     The following post describes a popular hang-out, packed nightly with crowds of students from all over the world, during the school year. Not so with daytime clientele. Frank, the tavern owner, called it a "dirty rotten tavern," when business was slow. I asked Frank to "update" the decor, and get better bar stools. He replied, "Asses on the seats before velvet, Ann Marie!" Can't argue with that.

     There is no circulation here. Stale air, smelling of the previous night's overflowing ash trays, keeps customers from breathing in too deeply. It really stinks in here. The stench of unwashed, sweaty manual laborers, toothless drunks, urine-soaked urinal cakes, but no one seems to care. Least of all, the five men who find meaning shuffled within a deck of cards.
     Hazy rings of smoke hover in perfect ovals around a tiny lamp dangling from a long black cord over the front corner of the bar. It's lit only during the game. A welcome acrid odor of lighter fluid emits from a flipped Zippo and another cigarette begins to burn for an eternity. The card shuffling queues up the next hand of “Dirty Clubs.”

Friday, September 2, 2011

Job Dissatisfaction--Not

     “Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.” --Dr. Wayne Dyer.

     So you think your job is not good enough? Feeling dissatisfied?
     For those who have what they consider a “less than glamorous” or “perfect” job, take heart. Also, take time daily to express gratitude that you even have a job during the current economic climate. Many people cannot find work, glamorous or not.
     Simply changing your perception of what it means to be a janitor, for example, will alter your experience for the better. Consider your current job from various standpoints: spiritual, practical and as resume and career building material.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Writing Process Possessed

     While pondering the process of writing I perused past attempts, and found this little gem:

     One of the troubles with being a writer is that you need to have everything in your writing area “just right.” Otherwise, you tend to become distracted. Of course, one writer’s “just right” is another writer’s “just wrong.”
     In my case, I need a completely sterile writing environment. While others prefer clutter and papered chaos, I value neat, clean and tidy. Some believe that those who possess real genius have desks full of clutter and last month’s half-eaten sandwiches buried alive. Yummy. Guess I’m the other side of genius. My desk is dust-free, stink-free, sunny and pleasant. If not, then I may fixate on that which needs attention—cleaning!